Almost everybody I meet in the world of art /.../ everybody’s equally excited and afraid. No one really knows where their next pay-check is coming from, but they’re really excited at their ability to create work and communicate with an audience.” Moby

Why do we have faith? Why do we get out of bed, go to work on shit day-jobs, play a gig, go to sleep? Why do we hang on to passion like an old chewing gum to a bus seat? Treble asks this question: at what cost do musicians pursue their dream? Is it difficult, is it easy, is a necessary torture? Is it the only way they know how to live? Is it perfect?

Everyone says The Louisiana is the music venue everyone should know. In England, yes. It’s THAT famous, regardless of how tiny and old-fashioned it is. And it’s in Bristol, a city that is famous for its music scene. This should be a good combination. Treble will tell the stories of the people of Bristol who dedicate their lives to music. The film will be structured through interviews, performances, and events, which will allow the audience to get a glimpse into the lives of musicians, promoters, concertgoers, etc. This journey will offer one of many answers to the question: Why do we have faith?